How to Assess Sugardaddy, Findom & Dating Sites BEFORE Joining

LustHackers | Friday, 6 October 2017 |

It certainly sounds attractive. ‘Sugardaddy’ sites profess to match female members with rich, successful men, who are just begging to ply a nice lady with luxury. Meanwhile, ‘Findom’ sites boast a supply of male submissives whose only goal in life is to transfer their entire bank balance to a dominant female. Then you have the ‘Dating’ sites, often claiming the means to put women in touch with that perfect, attractive, generous man. What’s not to like?

But are these sites really what they seem? And given that there are so many of them, some boasting very large memberships, can there really be such a massive supply of stinking rich men wanting to throw their money at women they don’t know, on an Internet database?...

Rather than trying to pontificate on which sites work and which sites don’t, LustHackers would recommend that potential site users check out the reality of each option for themselves with this clever, two-step test. For both steps, you’ll be needing to locate the site’s Twitter account.


Does the site actually have a Twitter account?

Yes. Cool, you’re ready to start the test.

No. Probably best to run. A mile. Fast.


The reverse Twitter search is a means of viewing not what the business itself is saying, but what other people are saying to and about the business. It skips over the propaganda, and cuts straight to the public praise or criticism.

One of the reasons reverse Twitter searches can be difficult with some adult-focused or dating-themed Twitter accounts is that their connected apps commonly use spam techniques. This means that a standard reverse search can end up either not showing the full range of feedback comments, or just burying the important stuff under a swamp of promotional links.

LustHackers has taken this into account, and provided, below, a custom reverse search which should weed out all the links, whilst keeping the feedback intact. Simply enter the username of the site you’re checking out, click Search, and you’ll get a Twitter feed in a new browser window. You should, from scrolling down the feed, gain a good sense of what people like about the site, and most importantly, what they don’t. Please note that this is a different reverse search from the standard version on the top menu bar. If you want to use the search below again, please bookmark this specific page…

Username: Search

You can also see roughly how busy the site is. If only five real people have tweeted the site in the past year, it probably doesn’t have much of a userbase. Equally, you should get a sense of the site’s demographic. Pay particular attention to the female/male balance in the interactions. Does it actually look like any men are interested? Or is all the interest coming from women? If only women appear to be interested, it’s almost certain to signal an adverse gender balance on the site itself.


You can tell an enormous amount about a website by looking through its Twitter followers. Twitter doesn’t hide anything, and that means you can explore any business’s Twitter following to achieve two things…

A greater understanding of the gender balance.

A means to bypass the site altogether and go directly to its customers.

When assessing the gender balance, it’s good to pick a relatively small section of the Twitter Followers list and examine that in detail. This gives more accurate results than simply skimming over a large portion of the list, because a lot of followers will not be what they seem at first glance. For example, a man following a sugardaddy site might not be seeking to give money to a woman. He might be another business owner looking for a followback. He might be trying to sell something. He might be a Twitter bot. You can’t really tell, unless you check out each individual account with a sceptical eye, what the ratio of men to women is.

Even though you’re only checking out a limited section of the list, the ratio will normally apply across the whole following. Typically, this is a brilliant way to average the balance of men to women on the site itself.

Plus, you now have direct access to many of the site’s members without having to join the site. Collect their names, monitor their behaviour. If any of them look like they spend money, you know exactly where to find them.

THE SMALL PRINT: LustHackers stresses that 'sugardaddy' arrangements are NOT typically free money. Most 'sugardaddies' will attempt to reap significant 'payback' for their investment, and they're often highly manipulative men. Meeting up with 'sugardaddies', or any other random men from the Internet, is NOT recommended for those without a proven ability to handle sex-obsessed, aggressive males, and in all cases should ONLY be undertaken subject to the strictest precautions.