The Mechanics of Alpha Female Control: Part 2

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Part 2? So there’s a Part 1 then? Sure is. Here’s the link…

The Mechanics of Alpha Female Control: Part 1

If you’ve read Part 1, or, much like me, have a penchant for doing things backwards, let’s get started with the sequel…


Time-pressure is the ultimate manifestation of a busy schedule, and it's a very powerful tool for the alpha female. It must be combined with viable bait in order to work, which rules out "You have one hour to pay me, loser". He doesn't wanna pay anyway, so what's the point in giving him a time limit? He also knows full well if he comes back in two weeks' time with the cash she's not gonna turn it down. And one hour is far too long for time-pressure in an adult-themed service. It gives plenty of opportunity for considered thought. Two minutes is where big data has set the bar...

The Mechanics of Alpha Female Control: Part 1

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If service providers have learned a universal lesson from adult entertainment's adoption of social media, it's that being the consumer's "perfect girl" does not pay. Lusty males verbally indicate that they want subservient females - the modest, compassionate givers who live to please. The problem is, that's not where their money is going.

Should Findom Mistresses Now Be Proactively Approaching Men?

LustHackers | Saturday, 23 June 2018 |

It’s become a burning question in the arena of findom. Traditionally, the Mistress has projected the aura of a Goddess, who never needs to chase the things she desires – very least of all when it entails approaching men. The male submissive would always be drawn to the Goddess. Never vice versa. And if his pockets were not lined with gold, he would be roundly ignored.

But as the findom scene’s supply/demand ratio has progressively worsened for the Domme, the prospect of her simply sneering from her celestial throne, whilst a queue of male minions bids cash for her attention, has dramatically receded. Especially if he has cash, the minion has acquired a throne of his own. How does the findom Mistress prize him off that throne and get him back at her feet, when he now has a line of hopeful females queueing before him?

Compulsive Complimenting And How It’s Monetised

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Given the scale of compulsive complimenting, it’s remarkable that the tendency still gets comparatively little recognition as a source of revenue. If it’s not an actual fetish, it works very much like one. A very large number of men online are overwhelmed with a need to compliment women they find sexually attractive, and many display a characteristic that’s extremely common in fetishists. Namely, an inability to think or talk about anything else.

We see men whose social feeds are nothing but compliments to females. 10 a day, 20 a day, 100 a day. A relentless loop. But what would these men do if they couldn’t access women for free? The logical assumption, is that they’d pay.

How My Tumblr Outranked Major Adult Brands On Google

LustHackers | Monday, 11 June 2018 |

When I half-heartedly started a Tumblr about adult entertainment in 2013, I didn’t envisage that within a matter of months, its search visibility would frequently be outranking some of the main websites of major brands within my chosen subgenre.

It was an embarrassment for them to see a nearly new Tumblr nudging their costly, professional web properties out of the premium search placings, and that showed in the amount of communication they sent me. But if they’d put as much effort into writing their own content as they did trying to get me to change my titles or take keywords out of my posts, they wouldn’t have had the problem in the first place.

The Remote Boyfriend

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Remote boyfriending is a tendency in a man to adopt the mentality of a boyfriend in situations where he’s sexually attracted to a female, and does not perceive rejection from that female, but is unable to access her in person.

Remote boyfriending has the same root psychology as so-called ‘white-knighting’ or ‘nice guy syndrome’. However, remote boyfriending specifically includes behaviours such as labouring on behalf of the female, sending her out-of-context, physically-based ‘compliments’, and potentially spending money on her. The guy essentially acts as if he’s in a romantic relationship with the woman.

Remote boyfriending is common on the Internet, and is the cornerstone of revenue earning and publicity management in many facets of interactive adult entertainment.

Why Findom Mistresses Should NEVER Indulge in Blackmail

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It’s apparently in demand, but blackmail is not simply "All part of the findom service".

It’s a crime, punishable with a prison sentence. That can sound a little hypothetical, so let’s make this real, with some links to media stories about women who not only ended up with a jail sentence or criminal conviction, but also making headline news, complete with photos. How d'you fancy having your family see you in a story like this, and then being locked up?…

Why Men Stop Paying Women in the Land of Lust

LustHackers | Saturday, 3 March 2018 |

Once a payer, always a payer, right?

Wrong. A man’s approach to connecting with women is not a constant. It’s a learned behaviour which adapts to circumstance. If spending money credibly promises the man desirable results, he’ll spend. But if it brings undesirable results, and particularly if the results of spending start to look worse than those he gets when he doesn’t spend, he’ll stop. The experience he has with one woman can shape the way he reacts to the next. But it’s really his long term experience, with a range of women, that most powerfully dictates his inclination to spend.

Let’s take a leap back to August 2014. The month doesn’t really have any special significance to me, and maybe not to you either. But to one man – let’s call him Mr A – it brought a landmark change. August 2014 was the month Mr A stopped buying gifts for glamorous women he doesn’t know, on the Internet.