Ten Fiendish Adult Industry Scams and Rackets

LustHackers | Friday, 14 September 2018 |

"But I've been scammed before!", he insists in response to each 'findomme's demand for money up front. Well, whilst he’s most likely trying to pull a scam of his own, his statement is probably 100% true. There are so many scams and rackets crammed into the history of adult entertainment that it was a serious challenge to select a list of just ten. Almost every man who's paid for adult services has been robbed or conned at some point, and while not all take it upon themselves to exact revenge, virtually all adventurous customers expect to 'write off' a proportion of their spending as an unmitigated waste.

Before getting stuck into the list, let's set the scene...

Freemium Marketing: The Adult Industry’s New Wave Charm Offensive

LustHackers | Sunday, 2 September 2018 |

There’s a new wave of adult provider on the scene, and they’re hitting their long-established competition where it hurts the most – in the pocket. The new wave’s adopted business strategy defies the bark of those high and mighty influencers who insist that men should not exist unless they’re paying. In fact, if the new wave’s business strategy follows any advice at all, it’s that of the freeloading male

“If only you gave more away for free, you’d make a lot more money.”

Let’s not get carried away. People will not easily be persuaded to pay for something they can get for nothing. But that’s exactly why the newly-revived practice of “freemium chat access” is working. Its worldbeating theory?…

Anti-Piracy in Adult Entertainment

LustHackers | Sunday, 26 August 2018 |

The fight against piracy is a rapidly developing area of adult entertainment, and that’s only to be expected in an environment where the centre of gravity is shifting from larger operations to smaller niche providers and individuals. There is, and always has been, a proportion of the audience who think that once they’ve bought a piece of content, they actually control the distribution of it. This, they believe, means they can personally publish the content anywhere they wish. But even if they think that, why would they do it?…

You wouldn’t buy a TV subscription/licence for your next door neighbour, so he could watch television for nothing. Why would you buy webcam content for some random dudes you don’t even know?

Faking a Guy: The Essential Lust-Hacker Experiment

LustHackers | Friday, 24 August 2018 |

Half a day in the shoes of a woman, and men are hyperventilating with outrage at the way they’re treated. The Internet has enabled any man to become a ‘hot girl’ for a day, or longer if he can stand it, and the usual post-event analysis runs along the lines of…

“OMG! I was treated like an idiot, spammed with pick-up lines and obscene pictures, expected to work for free, and I couldn’t even talk about snooker without the conversation being sexualised. Like: ‘Oh, you play with balls?… Would you say you’re good with balls?… Maybe I can help you get the feel of the balls?…’ Okay, stop! Just STOP!!”

What about the other way around, though? Experiments in which women pretend to be men are less common, but they can provide an important insight into the mindset of a sexscene-institutionalised male. That’s what this post sets out to explore. This is not an attempt to portray blokes who chase after strippers as some kind of victims. It’s an attempt to see what they see, and feel at least some of what they feel. Understanding what it’s like to be those men at first hand can give entertainers an advantage when interacting with them, and ultimately, selling to them.

Is “Privacy” The Next Big Adult Service Marketing Theme?

LustHackers | Monday, 30 July 2018 |

Personal data, so it’s said, is the new oil. Never have we been more aware of big business’s mission to grind down our privacy expectations, stalk us, spy on us, and then sell its findings to an entity perhaps best collectively described as “any bastard who’ll pay”. But data-mining is not such a dream ticket in the world of adult entertainment, because adult entertainment depends on a minimum level of privacy to exist at all.

The Mechanics of Alpha Female Control: Part 2

LustHackers | Sunday, 15 July 2018 |

Part 2? So there’s a Part 1 then? Sure is. Here’s the link…

The Mechanics of Alpha Female Control: Part 1

If you’ve read Part 1, or, much like me, have a penchant for doing things backwards, let’s get started with the sequel…


Time-pressure is the ultimate manifestation of a busy schedule, and it's a very powerful tool for the alpha female. It must be combined with viable bait in order to work, which rules out "You have one hour to pay me, loser". He doesn't wanna pay anyway, so what's the point in giving him a time limit? He also knows full well if he comes back in two weeks' time with the cash she's not gonna turn it down. And one hour is far too long for time-pressure in an adult-themed service. It gives plenty of opportunity for considered thought. Two minutes is where big data has set the bar...

The Mechanics of Alpha Female Control: Part 1

LustHackers | |

If service providers have learned a universal lesson from adult entertainment's adoption of social media, it's that being the consumer's "perfect girl" does not pay. Lusty males verbally indicate that they want subservient females - the modest, compassionate givers who live to please. The problem is, that's not where their money is going.

Should Findom Mistresses Now Be Proactively Approaching Men?

LustHackers | Saturday, 23 June 2018 |

It’s become a burning question in the arena of findom. Traditionally, the Mistress has projected the aura of a Goddess, who never needs to chase the things she desires – very least of all when it entails approaching men. The male submissive would always be drawn to the Goddess. Never vice versa. And if his pockets were not lined with gold, he would be roundly ignored.

But as the findom scene’s supply/demand ratio has progressively worsened for the Domme, the prospect of her simply sneering from her celestial throne, whilst a queue of male minions bids cash for her attention, has dramatically receded. Especially if he has cash, the minion has acquired a throne of his own. How does the findom Mistress prize him off that throne and get him back at her feet, when he now has a line of hopeful females queueing before him?