Why Men Stop Paying Women in the Land of Lust

LustHackers | Saturday, 3 March 2018 |

Once a payer, always a payer, right?

Wrong. A man’s approach to connecting with women is not a constant. It’s a learned behaviour which adapts to circumstance. If spending money credibly promises the man desirable results, he’ll spend. But if it brings undesirable results, and particularly if the results of spending start to look worse than those he gets when he doesn’t spend, he’ll stop. The experience he has with one woman can shape the way he reacts to the next. But it’s really his long term experience, with a range of women, that most powerfully dictates his inclination to spend.

Let’s take a leap back to August 2014. The month doesn’t really have any special significance to me, and maybe not to you either. But to one man – let’s call him Mr A – it brought a landmark change. August 2014 was the month Mr A stopped buying gifts for glamorous women he doesn’t know, on the Internet.

Selling Female Attention: Is Breadcrumbing More Effective Than Pay-To-Exist?

LustHackers | Saturday, 24 February 2018 |

No tribute, no attention”. “Pay me to care”. “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz until £££££££££££££”… In recent years, the sphere of lust-hacking has seen a monumental rise in the recognition of pay-to-exist principles. It’s an ultimatum, from women to men.

“If you don’t compensate us, with money, we will refuse to acknowledge your very presence on this Earth.”

But pay-to-exist hasn’t just become more visible to women. It’s also become more visible to men. No longer just a natural property of a premium rate telephone system, pay-to-exist has morphed into an aggressively vocal crash barrier on social media. As an increasing volume of men react with anger and abuse, has pay-to-exist revealed too much of its own hand? Is it time for the rather more subtle technique of breadcrumbing to hop through the passenger door of the lustmobile and slip quietly into the driving seat?

Five Secret Twitter Signals Top Rinsers Use To Identify Men Who Pay

LustHackers | Friday, 15 December 2017 |

It’s the Holy Grail of online rinsing. Being able to look at a man’s Twitter account and identify whether he will, or won’t, spend his money. Of course, big league rinsers have a fair few tricks lurking just behind the old Chanel J12 up those black Versace sleeves – and that’s their secret. They’d never tell you how it’s done. So, looks like it’s down to Lusthackers to break the code of silence, again… Yes, you are about to discover five top secret signals used by premium rinsers to identify men who pay – on Twitter. I’ve blabbed out tricks of the trade on this blog before, but those high-flyers are really gonna hate me for this…

The Independent Guide to Free Findom Promotion: Part 2

LustHackers | Wednesday, 15 November 2017 |

In Part 1 of this article, we looked at some of the common misconceptions about findom promotion, and explored some of the pitfalls – the typical mistakes newcomers to the scene are making. You can find Part 1 via the link below…

The Independent Guide to Free Findom Promotion: Part 1

Here in Part 2, we're going to address those mistakes with information about how the professionals got to be professionals. If you're searching for the two best-kept secrets in findom promotion, plus a wealth of other insight that successful Dommes like to keep under their hats, you do not want to miss this…


Most of the widely acknowledged methods of third party findom promotion benefit the 'promoter' more than the 'Domme', and even sound publicity won’t work if the 'Domme' doesn’t understand the concept of domination. Based on studies of Domme progression, from newbie to living income, here's a plan which is likely to succeed…

The Independent Guide to Free Findom Promotion: Part 1

LustHackers | |

Where there's a dream, there's a scheme. And findom, at least in its pure form, is definitely a dream. As news has spread of the remarkable financial domination fetish, in which men get a sexual thrill out of streaming hard cash to women, the genre has exploded with female hopefuls. More than ever before, newer arrivals are struggling to become visible. Most are being misled, many are being exploited. The purpose of this two-part article is to overstep the bullshit and drive to the core of real findom promotion. What works, what doesn’t work, and why...

Is #NoFap a More Rinseable Hashtag Than #Findom?

LustHackers | Monday, 6 November 2017 |

There must always be some means by which failed Internet Romeos can exact their revenge on the women who have shunned their weird and creepy advances. Until the early tenties, these blubbing, carping ne'er-do-wells had to console themselves with slogans like "nice guys finish last", and "your loss, bitch!". Most often both, back to back.

Flirting For Money

LustHackers | Thursday, 2 November 2017 |

There are five common methods of rinsing men. Sexual, Emotional, Sugar, Findom, and the aspirationally-driven method of Flirt. Most of the methods have their drawbacks. Findom is horrendously oversubscribed and barely has a market. Sugar is really a 'deal' in which the man insists on a form of payback. Sexual generally has low sustainability. Emotional requires the man to have a genuinely caring nature and thus hardly ever succeeds in typical rinsing environments.

And Flirt? Well, the dynamics of flirt are incredibly favourable for the rinser. The market is broad, the rewards can be huge, sustainability is governed only by the size of the man's wallet, and the rinser never has to accommodate the man's sexual urges. Sound interesting? Read on…

The Economic Implications of Findom

LustHackers | Friday, 27 October 2017 |

You're born, you go to work, and then you die. An old cliché, and it's certainly an over-simplification. But when you consider how much of their lives most people do spend working, it can be profoundly sobering. In rich countries, with 21st century technology, do we really need to be dedicating 40+ hours of work per week, plus another 15 of travel, to the pursuit of other people's selfish goals?

Most people still believe the answer to be yes. The authorities and their media puppets deliberately brainwash society into a sense that it's normal and somehow righteous for "working age" individuals to dedicate more than half of their waking hours to something, and someone, they hate. An entire language has been constructed to support the righteousness of labour for the sake of labour.